Welcome to my About page!

I thought I would pop a small one in if any readers were curious or interested to know what I like and love in relation to books! As mentioned in my first blog post I read mostly romance and fantasy books which does mean I am a hopeless romantic and love fairy tales…including Disney. My favourite animal is wolves so lots of my books have wolf characters as main or at least are involved, but no Twilight nonsense (which doesn’t mean I haven’t read Stephanie Meyer’s books, I just didn’t enjoy them that significantly, however I did think The Host was ten times better). I do have a little, maybe big-ish pinch obsession/ love/ dream of being a mermaid therefore I am constantly am on a hunt for a good mermaid book; I have read plenty which were god awful which is just so sad 😦 Vampires are ok not a huge fan as I said more a wolfie, but then I have a husky so I love all things fluffy HAVE YOU STROKED AN ALPACA??!!! IF NOT GO DO! SOOOOOOOO SOOOOOOOOFT!!!

Ahem…anyway I will end it with this snippet happy reading! 🙂