I was completely blown away by this novel, I was taken by surprise by how much it would affect me and how desperately I wanted something or someone to help our heroine Celestine. 

This story is about a political system implaced where people who are not considered perfect but “flawed”, they are branded by a cast-iron like in medieval times for life, and it must be seen at all times with strict rules and digusted stares or ignored cold shoulders. It’s unbearable, it’s like humanity has forgotten compassion. The criminals are treated better than the flawed and considered to be different and even have more free rein than them. This book is centered around Celestine, who is a perfect girl; always followed the rules and never questioned anything until a occurrence happens close to home which shakes up everything for her. This actually happens very close to the beginning of the book, and everything goes wrong quite quickly, it’s not dragged out which is a plus plus for me. She stands up for a flawed and doesn’t understand what is wrong with it and ends up one herself, but with the most dire consequences that has ever been (like in most typical storylines). The moment she is branded my god, I struggled so hard to not cry on the train surrounded by people. It was very VERY difficult, I definitely got a couple of looks for sniffling. It was so emotional and painful I haven’t had that kind of reaction from a book in a long time. Just from that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the book. Afterwards, with the days following again it isn’t dragged which is a good perception of how the author perceives the character would imagine her days to be thinking. 

A lot of things happen some heart wrenching and you really do fist pump Celestine for her bravery, and then want to punch the morons for their pompousness and for being a bully. I’m so happy at the end that she has a lead for finding the guy though because my god he is yummy. That’s a good plot of how she wants to find him and only gets a lead at the end, because it doesn’t make it the centre of the book. I love the other characters; her before shallow mum who now turns rebel to support her daughter, mysterious soldier Carrillo, the guards at Castle, the villain Crevan and even the squabbling ex-boyfriend Art – disappointment in the twin sister but we shall see what happens there. The whistleblowers wow scary, worse than the police wouldn’t want them wandering around. 

I am giving this book ***** stars and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND, once paid definitely buying the sequel, “Perfect”. Go Read it!!

Happy Reading! 🙃