I love ❤️Danielle Paige because I completely adore her Dorothy Must Die series, therefore I thought I’m going to love Stealing Snow which made me have high expectations. How wrong I was 😢

It was an amazing story and concept especially with the nicked character name of Snow White, but actually being nothing like the fairy tale princess. In fact the character is full of rage, starved of emotion and completely loves this mentally deranged ish boy called Bale, she even ends up with Snow powers. The other cool part was that she started off in a mental institution, how did she get in there right?! I even liked that her numerous pills were named after the seven dwarfs. Furthermore, I liked numerous other characters too like the River Witch who is half-mermaid, the Robbers and Gerthe but other characters, they annoyed me and I will explain why in a minute. Lastly, I liked the twist at the end which was a little unexpected but when I read it, I did actually feel totally and completely unsurprised and that character who shall not be named bloody deserved to be iced hopefully to death but we will have to see. 

Now the annoying part of the book, it was constantly gone over that Snow was becoming attracted to every boy she came across and wanting to kiss them!! I mean hello Bale! You remember the boy you crossed worlds for!!! Urgh!! It was one minute Bale then Kai then Bale then Kai then Jagger then Kai and Bale, Bale, Kai , Jagger and back and forth the whole time! It sickened me, it should not have come up so bloody much. It completely ruined the plot for me. I’m so glad at the end she comes to her senses and runs to Bale only for him to disappear, then she leaves Jagger, but then she kind of deserves it for all her wanting. In the next book she better go find that Bale because he is so worth it woman! Urgh! You can tell how much this vexed me.  

Therefore, this brought the whole book down for me because it felt like half of it was dedicated towards boys! What a disappointment, when I first finished I said I don’t think i would want to read the second one, but I think I will just to find out whether it improves or not. 

I give this book ** stars out of 5. If you are into boys and romance right now I recommend, otherwise this is not a YA book. 

Happy Reading! 😊