The story continues on of a young Queen with a terrible and most impossible task to protect her kingdom from the slaughter of the Morte army and the ageless Morte Queen. 

What I thought about this book was some good, but mostly bad. What was good about this book is that the pace picked up far faster than the first one; there was more tension, more at stake and more action going on. You also got character development and not from Kelsea (main character) I had enough of her “development” from the first and she was not really around in this one and when she was….well I will get around to that. I really loved getting to know more about the other characters within the Keep, they were certainly more interesting like Father Tyler and Lazarus. 

Okay, so what was bad about the book. The random sci-fi time travel crap that spewed out of bloody no where! I was completely confused when it happened! I generally thought there was a misprint and something was wrong with my book! I flicked further into the book and noticed the name “Lily” pop up numerous times, but I was wrong it’s supposed to be there! Apparently those sapphires around Kelsea’s neck make her time-travel. My god. (Head smack) I thought this book would genuinely be a good medieval styled trilogy with some magic thrown in but no! It was so random! Only once I bloody understood what was going on was I able to follow, but it wasn’t until right at the bloody end that it was explained with the purpose of those separate chapters! I can’t explain them, it’s a spoiler alert. I know I usually spoil a lot of books but I won’t this time. Another bad thing about this book I must moan about, is that Kelsea became OBSESSED about her looks when she wasn’t that much bothered in the first one. Her personality did a complete 180. It was so annoying, it was what she talked about 70% of the time, just because she got horny. Then, Then! The ending was complete poop. ☚ī¸ she gave up and walked into enemy camp basically as others would interpret as “sacrifice”. Not epic and doesn’t save anybody much, I mean it does but with all her supposed power and wit and we must kingdom she is a crappy Queen. Urgh 

Now I did a bad thing and looked up spoiler reviews for the third and final review of “The Fate of Tearling” and to be honest, I won’t read it because it sounds like utter bollocks, especially with the ending and it completely deters from what it originally started out as. Real disappointment form Erika Johansen. 

I give this book ** stars out of 5 which is a shame because I liked it more than the first for some reasons but the time travel really mucked it for me. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Happy Reading! 😊