Best-seller of The Host and the Twilight Series returns with The Chemist, a dangerous woman who can make up painful concoctions from ordinary household chemicals and accessorise you to the deadliest degree.

Now I wasn’t sure how I would feel about this book, I didn’t like the Twilight series and I did think The Host was much better. However, this was surprisingly well-written and good. It is a very long book, I was able to read at least half of it in one fell swoop for a couple days, but then I felt myself needing a break and didn’t come back to it for at least two weeks. The plot is pretty interesting with it involving government and previous cases intertwining and not knowing who to trust and how many people are trying to kill you.

I liked the main character Alex (real name Julia), I thought this character was very real and wasn’t ga ga. She wasn’t trained in running or hiding from the government, but she was incredibly smart and did some research and prepared a LOT. She also remained compassionate throughout even when it came to tough decisions, but she also wasn’t afraid to do some bad ones too. One of the other main characters you meet ends up being a romantic interest, I was like whaaaaaat? This guy is tortured by her, like literally tortured and he really likes her. Alex is utterly confused by this also (Stockholm Syndrome thinking right?) I did think it, I still do a bit, but as the story develops it does turn kinda cute. The guy just forgives her for the torture as they end up stuck together in hiding with another person. (can’t mention who as it would be a major spoiler) I LOVE the dogs in the book they are so cute and cool! I  was really sad when they all got left behind and Lola got dropped off with a Vet, as they couldn’t take her along 😦

The story is slow at first, it is probably why I put the book down, but once I did pick it back up it did get better and pick up the pace. As I mentioned before it is a long book, I have plenty of books that are of similar size but, this one just felt especially long. I really like the ending it was amusing and showed how the characters were getting on after the epic action. Some lessons still weren’t quite learnt.

I would give this book **** stars out of 5 and would recommend for you to read, it was certainly very different from Meyer’s other books and hopefully her other books will stay in this genre path, I believe this is where she should be. Let me know what you think of this book compared to her others in the comments below!

Happy Reading! 🙂