The lightening girl is back! Woo! Loved this book sooo much, it was fantastic:D Great story

The book continues from the last book with Mare being a prisoner to Maven. The whole time I wanted her to escape or be rescued, I literally wanted to claw her out. There were certain moments I literally felt the same emotions as her, especially with Maven. I clenched my fist too and felt rage, but considering the situation she was in it was the best thing she could do in manipulating him – there was no one coming to rescue her. 

On the other hand, Cal kept trying to find ways to rescue Mare but that ended in tradegy one time or missed chances. Mare gets out with him about three quarters of the way through. Maven’s fiancé let’s her go, surprising right?! You get to find out why, which was one hell of a surprise to me!! You get to see awesome lightening abilities! 

There is a lot of non-stop moments in this book, and I’m so glad that Mare doesn’t get as much hostility as she did in the last one.  However, Mare is different in her behaviour towards others due to her imprisonment and Shade’s death. There is excellent writing in this; you find out a bit about Maven and how he is. I actually felt some sympathy for him and some hope, even if he is a villain. I was also confused by his actions, he appeared to be trying to end the war even if it meant deceit and the demise of the Scarlet Guard, all for Mare – I just wander what will happen to him in the end. The ending isn’t my favourite as things go wrong between Cal and Mare again 😦 just when things were getting good. I can’t wait for the next book! Who knows when that will be! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU READ THIS SERIES I give this book ***** stars. 

Happy Reading! 🙂