More monkeys, more magic, more rainbows, darkness and Dorothy. The mission to kill Dorothy continues. 

The second book was even better than the first one! “Dorothy Must Die” it continued right off where it ended in book one and it revealed more of Oz and how it had become darker, dangerous and more twisted. Amy has developed in power and maturity, not in a good way; a tradegy overcomes her and makes her into something that frightens the monkeys and Nox, but of course herself too. She could be becoming someone else. 

The journey Amy undertakes is wild and mad, especially as she has to drag the dazed  Oz princess along and go through Oz’s trickery challenges. Once beaten Amy goes through battles which aren’t too many. This is good, certain readers like me hate continuous battles so don’t worry about that it doesn’t happen here. 

The scenery and descriptions are written extremely well, I actually prefer this Oz story to the original. At times the dialogue can be a bit tacky but otherwise it is perfect with sarcasm and wit. Amy does talk a bit about herself too much at times (if I recall – I read this a while ago) but you barely notice because there is so much going on. 

I loved this book especially with its epic ending, “The Wicked Will Rise” BEST ENDING EVER. Though I was confused for a minute about where Amy ended up. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you read this with a ***** stars. 

Happy Reading! 🙂