Vikings, Crows, Ravens, Gods, Dragons and the battle for the end of the world. Pure epicness.

The third book in the epic series of The Call of Crows, full of crazy women who are loyal to the goddess Skuld for giving them a Second Life because they were murdered in their first for unfair reasons. In this book it featured the flame bearer and “she started it” Erin and the angry Viking Stieg. I loved their journey together it was hilarious and never boring. There was no ga ga romance but you could definitely see the chemistry, which did reveal to be love in the end.

All characters from previous books were there and still very memorable, especially Bear from the Protectors and how he is incredibly protective over the books. I couldn’t stop laughing. There is plenty of sarcasm and whit, madness with some saucy graphic scenes. You also get to learn a little history about the Crows and the Nine Worlds which is cool! I already can’t wait for the next book I wonder what will happen, and if Erin made a friend with a dragon, I’m not entirely sure but the ending was still epic! ( I know I have said three times now) and very funny.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK and give this book ***** out of 5.

Happy Reading! 😍😁