I was drawn to this book the same reason why the author wrote it; I like romance and guys with tattoos. 

Before we get started I must warn readers this is a graphic sexy book, so if you are not interested in this kind of romance you may want to ignore this one. 

I thought this book was okay at best, there wasn’t much romance, it was mostly a guy acting up and down. He kept changing his mind on how he should behave and then compare to his dead brother. It was so back and forth that it kinda drove me nuts. 

I thought Shaw (main girl character) was okay, couldn’t say I had “whoop whoop” going for her, she was a very chilled but vulnerable character; completely head over heels in love for Rule. She knew what he needed and understood him better than most, but she was also a little bit weak. 

Some of the story included a crazy psycho ex-boyfriend, which I thought was the best part. I really hoped Rule would appear like a hero and save the day, but he didn’t. It was a good chapter – which is sad, because that shouldn’t have been the only good chapter. 

For most of the book Rule’s mother is cruel and horrible to him, I mean literally WORST MOTHER IN THE WORLD. She blames Rule for his brothers death kind of cruel. Then suddenly at the end of the book she has this clarity, but ONLY when her husband threatens to leave. This whole book has random dramas; Rule’s mother, Shaw’s parents, ex- psycho boyfriend and Rule himself is a drama, so it is a little all over the place. 

There is a whole series called “Marked Men” by this author but I don’t think I will read them all. I might read a random one if I am interested in a particular character that I met in this story, but I wouldn’t go as far as to read all of them. 

I would give this book ** stars out of 5 because it lacked romance and real story, otherwise it is all over the place and comes across as just an explicit sex story, which I was hoping it not to be when I bought this book. 

Anyway, Happy Reading! 🙂