This was a good story, not a great one. I liked the premise behind it, but it wasn’t as exciting as I thought it would be. 

I liked the three perspectives that it was broken up into; Katherine, Arinsoe and Mirabella. They are all triplets that are supposed to kill each other for the thrown, each with their own abilities. Mirabella is an elementalist, Katherine is a poisoner and Arinsoe is a naturalist. 

I kept hoping Arinsoe would come into her ability and get a really awesome familiar, but sadly that never happened. However, there was a really good twist with her at the end which makes me wonder what is going to happen when two of the triplets have the same power? Bum bum buuuuuuuuuuuuuum! Aside from her power issues she seemed an okay character; desperate to prove to everyone that she isn’t weak, headstrong, but easily manipulated to show that she isn’t weak. She doesn’t care about her looks only surviving and how the people around her will cope after she is gone. 

I felt bad for Katherine because she had a weak body for her gift; she is constantly sick and bullied by her aunt Genevieve. Although her other aunt was tough too, she clearly cared. As she gets sick by the poisons a lot, trickery is used to show her people that she is powerful. So is Katherine the poisoner truly who she is meant to be? And wth happened to her later on when she fell or got pushed into that creepy hole? I liked the development of her new psycho personality near the end because of it. 

Mirabella, I pitied and wanted to give a good slap. She obviously loved her sisters, and she is super strong with her powers, however completely hopeless! She could of gone all badass and taken down the whole regime to save them and stop the insanity of it but no. Her “attempt” of a runaway ended up getting to a coast rescuing Joseph who is Arinsoe’s best friends beloved, and then slept with him. Hence the slap. 

Urgh! Joseph the scum, at some point in the book there was a bad spell that Arinsoe tried to stop but apparently must have affected Joseph because one minute he is in love with Jules (Arinsoe’s best friend – she has a cougar familiar, awesome) then the next he make outs with Mirabella against the tree, tears her clothes out in the forest and openly lusts after her in a crowd. I don’t know or care who he ‘decides’ to bloody choose but if Jules forgives him I certainly hope the cougar doesn’t. The only character I had no quim with in this book was Jules. 

The story concept was good; I would definitely say that I was intrigued. The ending was very good. I will definitely be reading the second book, “One Dark Throne”. 

I would give this book *** stars as there was some action and thrill in it, definite intrigue but it felt like a prologue more if that makes sense. The next book I have a feeling will probably raise the stakes a lot for me.

Happy Reading! 🙂