We all have seen the movie, and we all have read the book. The yellow brick road, the Lion, the Scarecrow, the Tin Man, the Wicked Witch, Glinda the Good Witch, flying monkeys, munchikins and finally, the girl from Kansas; two plaits with blue and white checkered dress Dorothy Gale. This isn’t the same story, in fact, remember that story and then flip it.

Okay so I had been eyeing this series for ages simply because the cover was awesome, then the blurb lured me in even more. Then when I went on a work experience at HarperCollins I was given a free copy so YAY! and you know what? It was and IS the most AMAZING SERIES EVER! I knew I was right! So before I start my review I HIGHLY recommend you read this! Stop whatever your doing right now and just buy it, no hesitation whatsoever and just do it. Right now. Yup now. That’s it. Done it? Good.

Meet Amy, the other girl from Kansas. She’s a battered and bruised heroine who suddenly gets tornado’d into Oz, only to discover that the Oz she has read about in stories and seen in the movies is nothing like it should be at all. Remember Dorothy? The original heroine from Wizard of Oz, well after saving Oz and returning home she decided she didn’t like being home and went back, then went super crazy and became an evil super nuts bitch. The things she has done, including ruining Oz are awful. The Tin man, Scarecrow and the Lion are all vicious horrible versions of themselves, and Amy has to stop them all – tough break!

So basically Dorothy Must Die

The story is great and the scenery is really imaginative, it is a new dark version of Oz that you’ve seen before. I was completely riveted and stuck to the book – the cast of characters are amazing; don’t worry it includes still the original lot but with twists. If you are into magic, fighting scenes, weird stuff and Oz! Trust me you will love it. There is even a tiny element of romance between Amy and a guy called Nox, but it isn’t the focus or takes over the story which is great! The dialogue is witty with great sarcasm from Amy but nothing cheesy. I literally have no complaints about this book.

The ending was dramatic and went off with flair, battle and a bang. I was so excited I have already bought the second one from Amazon, awaiting delivery. “Wicked will Rise” – Brilliant title right?! I award ***** stars to this book.

Happy Reading! 🙂