The woman who brought the famous fast-talking, cool mom, Friday night dinner evading character into the world; Lorelai Gilmore has written a book with snippets of life on set of Gilmore Girls. Who wouldn’t want to read this jewel?

I thought this book was interesting to read, but I have to admit, I mostly was interested in the chapters about Gilmore Girls. I know this isn’t good considering I’m supposed to review the whole book, and that there is more to the woman than just this character, but I couldn’t help it. I bet a majority of Gilmore Girls fans also did the same thing too.

The rest of the book was amusing to read as it did have funny parts; her college years and first years of starting out as an actress. It flowed well, but truthfully I read this a few weeks ago and I don’t remember much, that doesn’t bode well with me, as it doesn’t make it a memorable book. The Gilmore Girl chapters were recounts of her favourite episodes of each season (as she had never watched herself in them before) and only new pieces of information were minuscule – so I wasn’t starry eyed or excited in what I was reading.

As I have mentioned in a post before I’m not a big fan on autobiographies, so I give this *** stars out of 5. It is an amusing read at times, and fully recommend for fans of the TV show.

Happy Reading! 🙂