This small actress everyone remembers from Pitch Perfect and Twilight – mostly – or at least that’s just me, has described herself according to this book’s title based on what I just what said. I like Anna she’s a comedic actress and spunky, but I must say I really don’t like autobiographies. So when I heard Anna was releasing this I thought I would give it a go considering it would be funny, right?

The book had its comedic moments but it wasn’t all round funny. Most of the time my face was pulled like this :/

This is just my opinion but I felt the flow wasn’t even, childhood memories were random and so were the chapters. I didn’t see any connections between one or the other. I admit I am a newbie at reading autobiographies since this is my first one, but I thought they would be more of a story of the person’ life, like a flowing river, rather than vicious snippets of cut up paper.

I liked some parts or views into what it’s like or how tough work it is for Hollywood actors/ actresses, but other parts of her private life thrown in, I just thought, “Why? Are you just trying to fill up pages?”. Anna is still far too young to be writing or to have written an autobiography her life has barely started or been experienced!

I’m disappointed and sad to say only ** stars, but you readers may like it. It did have a chapter of Twilight, relationships she has had and her times of fashion dilemma to show that though she is an actress she is still human and gets paid not that greatly as you would assume.

Happy Reading! 🙂