I quickly finished the second installment of the Serafina Dragon Born, and it was even better than the first book “Mercenary Magic”; more action, more sarcasm, humour and romance – a date was even involved.

In this book Sera’s ability to wield magic was unveiled to the Magic Council therefore was stated she has to participate in an old tradition of Magic Games to state her rank. Fortunately, they don’t know she is Dragon Born…yet. Sera must keep it that way in order to protect everyone she loves, they cannot break her.

All characters were just as good and continued to be the same with a new introduction; her inner dragon. Love her.

The story was better, it entwined with the first book being that Sera and Kai having to deal with the leader Finn from before, except this time he escapes from prison to carry on his cause and wants Sera. Sera has to juggle the magic games, her growing feelings for Kai, attacks against the Magic Council, shopping trips, stalker pics from Finn and hiding her secret – a lot on ones plate. I wonder if she will finally tell Kai in the next book about herself.

An old enemy arises wanting Sera – EVERYBODY WANTS THIS GIRL!! she rejected the monster owchie, and the running for ones life begins again. The monster also knows a big secret regarding the murder of her father, me wants to know too!!

I did sometimes find it hard to follow the battle scenes, it don’t know if it was because too much was going on or the scene was too too too fast paced. Either way I highly recommend and give it ***** stars out of 5.

Happy Reading! 🙂