As promised I immediately started reading the first book of the Dragon born series and it was fantastic!!!!!

I love the sarcastic and smart mouth humour from Sera (main character) and the serious cockiness of the dragon shifter Kai. It was great. Plus! The book was longer; there was heaps and bounds of imagination put into this book, the amount of crazy and funny descriptions put into the monsters, characters, costumes and the abilities was lush. The urban dictionary meaning of “good” and “cool” – I haven’t heard or used that word for eons but it felt right in that moment.

The plot line is great -a bunch of crazy mages being magic drunk and wanting to takeover (as always) but the good guys winning (of course). The tension and romance, don’t forget humour between Kai and Sera was exhilarating, I was constantly smiling throughout this book, especially whenever Sera mentiones her “sword”. Don’t forget about about the three commandos, they are so funny with their snickering.

I’m really excited for Sera to truly unleash her full power because she is a super powerful Mage but has held back so much to protect her family and herself – I wonder which book she will finally be revealed!

I give this book ***** stars out of 5 and I highly recommend! Already onto the next book “Magic Games”.

Happy Reading! 🙂