Love, war, soul mates, and Greek mythology. Sounds like some fun reading to me.

This book was definitely a slow- starting and slow- middler read. However, I was glad that I pushed forward because once I got where I wanted to be it got interesting.

I love Greek mythology, I wish my history lessons had included it at school, at some point I am definitely going to do some research. This story is simple but complex once it is explained; two boys are birthed separately. who are of the same soul split in half, so they share the same dream catcher or soul mate.

It is very teenie but, there are certain parts which I simply cannot solve, making me fall in love with this book and immediately buy the second one. For example, the best friend who had died continues to haunt Samantha (main character) to warn her that nothing “is as it seems” and “not to believe him”. I’m guessing someone close to her is a bad guy or THE bad guy and she is just not realising it! I am! Alas, I have no clue who it is as much as Sam does. Except the figure in the yellow hoodie tortures the BF’s soul – I want it to be this character called Ken; something about him I don’t like.

Anyway, I found that I enjoyed the story a lot more once the three main characters got together in close proximity, which took three quarters of the book. Hopefully, the second book will keep up the same way the last third of the book did because then I will have no problem reading it. As I mentioned before, a majority of the book was far too slow.

Talking about main characters, I haven’t mentioned what Samantha is like and if I like her. Well, sometimes I found her cool because she is smart, plays basketball, doesn’t care about being in the popular crowd and just wants to be with her best friend. However other times I find her wildly stupid. She doesn’t want to be close to her foster family even though they have never been cruel they are super nice, thinks for one day that she will be ‘evil Samantha’ or bad then changes her mind. Changes her mind a lot about this Ken guy, which you might think is normal for a teenage girl but she doesn’t even romantically like him, she gets ‘hot’ sometimes but she even overheard him talk down about her. Jeez. So, her character is very up and down I can’t give a very high positive opinion at the moment, hopefully she improves in next book.

I thoroughly enjoyed the romance aspects, and if there is any team cheering going on, I would say I’m team Nick, he came across as the bad brother, or bad half-soul at first and then Marcus was the nice, sweet guy who acted like the gentleman. To me Nick is the super sexy one who is polite, warm, sexy and fun, but Marcus is dangerous and aggressive. Sam has had positive encounters with both of them so who knows what’s truly going to happen there, and who she chooses, or does she have to choose at all?

Either way I would recommend this romance book for you readers to run away with – have patience it will get better, even if the majority of the book is super slow. Trust Me. I will give this **** out of 5.

Happy Reading! 🙂