The ever famous Bridget Jones with the mini black skirt, dozens of cigarettes, scatty thoughts, obsession with Daniel Cleaver and the never-ending goal of perfect weight has entered my book shelf for the first time.

I have watched both films many times with great thrill, and absolutely loved the recent one, “Bridget Jones’s Baby”. So, after many years, with plenty of recommendations  along the way I decided to buy the first book and see what laughs I would get out of it.

I certainly was laughing at the beginning of the book, being amused by the character’s thoughts on her Mother, Uncle Geoffrey and Mark Darcy.  The story moved for a bit with the parents split and Daniel Cleaver – but then I didn’t find anything amusing for ages. The story went really slow; not much happened in-between and it just felt like dwaddle. In my opinion the book only got good again when Mark Darcy appeared which wasn’t until the last two months of the year, what a shame. I had hopes of Mark Darcy to appear more than Daniel Cleaver that bastard annoyed me to no end, in fact her Mother annoyed me just as much. The Mother bugged me so much I wanted to scream, punch, slap or kick her so many times. THANK GOD MY MOTHER ISN’T LIKE THAT!! The obsession with Daniel Cleaver my god – drove me potty don’t get me started.

I much prefer the film to the book because it cut out so much of that dwaddle and added in so much more fun. – I apologise to the people out there who have always prefer books to the movies, usually I am one of those people who say the books are better than the films, but in this instance I would say the film was much better.

I give this book *** stars out of 5 because there was funny bits, but I struggled to read this book – I simply didn’t find it good. However you might!


Happy Reading! 🙂