Bounty hunters, light-sabers, Jedi, Sith, forbidden romance – this could only mean one thing Star Wars.

I decided to read this book because I am a sucker for romance and I am a fan of Star Wars, I was also curious about Asajj Ventress. This book was good and bad, at no point was the story ‘boring’, the only bad thing is that I hoped for a bit more romance to be shown, but I guess this is the universe of Star Wars and it isn’t a focus feature.

The backstory of Ventress was very sad in what she went through to pull herself together, and it was also hard to ‘watch’ her push Vos to become dark in order to be able to defeat Dooku. I can’t go on in this review because it will end up as an essay but I will say this; I found Vos and Ventress’ love story to be more heartbreaking and romantic than Anakin and Padme’s.

Throughout the whole time that Vos was consumed by the dark side he was completely in love with Ventress still and even affectionate, so in Ventress’ last moments I was crying my eyes out! Their chances of an happy ending was just completely diminished and it was just so sad! When Ventress sacrificed herself for Vos, it brought him back to the light, but it also left him without her.

Throughout my many years of being a fan of Star Wars I never noticed until I read this novel that the Jedi are just as bad as the Sith. How could you live a life without love or friendship or anger or grief and pain? I can’t imagine giving up half my life for some purpose, could you?

The author had written extremely well, it truly felt like I was in the Star Wars universe. All the other characters were really cool; I loved the other bounty hunters and the pirates. My favourite character was Vos when he was a Jedi; he was very cheeky and witty which fit really well with Ventress’ personality of dark, serious and no nonsense attitude.

I would give this book **** stars out of 5 and would recommend to any Star Wars fans and to romance readers because it is a cute love story in here.

Happy Reading! 🙂