The Little Shop of Happy Ever Happy is every bookworm’s fantasy dream; to be surrounded by books.

This book I would say was cute, but disappointing. It started and spent most of the time on the main character’s career problem of becoming a redundant librarian and what she was going to do next. The story does improve once Nina (main character) figures this out and moves to Scotland, pushing the storyline along.

One part within the storyline that I liked was the romance between Nina and the foreign train driver. It does not continue (for good reason; go Nina!) but as Nina’s best friend described it, it was a romantic fantasy; it wasn’t a real love affair that was going to succeed. This made me realise that myself and many other bookworms out there must have read so many books, that collectively we all must have dreamt up or fantasied a romantic meeting with a stranger at least once in our lives. So, when Nina was upset over the train driver and missing him, she wasn’t simply missing him, she was upset that these fantasies could lead her to being alone.

Nonetheless, on the romance part Nina ends up with her grumpy and serious farmer landlord – Lennox. I found their romance random and out of nowhere, I liked the character and I had hoped they would get together, and it was obvious they would be together in the end because of the close proximity of characters and he was handsome and brooding, Nina thought him annoying, rude but sweet towards his animals yada yada. But, the way it was written, the romance was just so one second nothing, the next smooch smooch, romp. I do wish there had been more romance stretched out between Nina and Lennox instead of at the end. I’m a hopeless romantic so you can imagine my distraught at the few chapters of small sunshine romance, it just wasn’t enough!

I loved how the scenery was described, it made me want to visit Scotland (still haven’t even though I have family up there). Loved the sound of Nina’s living space in Scotland, whilst her old one in Birmingham sounded familiar hmmmm. There was barely any comedy in the book which was surprising considering the last book I read by this author had me rolling around in laughter.

I would give this book *** stars out of 5. I would recommend based on someone wanting something cute and countryish to read or a bookworm (like me) reading about another bookworm!

Happy Reading! 🙂