A secret Queen born for the throne with something to prove, not just to herself but to her kingdom and the evil Queen in the neighbouring one, if she can live and make it through the night.

I was given this book for free by Penguin in exchange for an honest review.

At first I thought this book was quite slow with the really long chapters that were over 50 pages long with not much happening. I was partially wrong. This book is not a fast-paced action fantasy, it IS slow with detail thread throughout but it isn’t dull. The author of this book has written exceptionally well; I loved the script and the story had good amounts of mystery woven within and parts that definitely made me smile and cheer for the heroine and hero’s.

I really liked all the characters that were presented; Kelsey the Queen of Tearling was a great heroine – she is young, brave, fair, intelligent, cautious and has a healthy dose of wit, fearfulness and wariness. There were moments where I even forgot she is only 19 but held herself as someone who had great knowledge, authority and more years than thought. She cares greatly for the kingdom and wants to correct the mistakes of her mother who she thought had been someone great.

I even like the villain of the book; the Queen of Mortese who doesn’t pop up that often but I assume does in the next book; Invasion of the Tearling. She commands dark magic, has lived hundreds of years, started the slave trade and feeds children to a dark, twisted being. She is insecure when it comes to Kelsey as she is unsure about the power Kelsey has but I wonder what she will do as she has been commanded by the dark being NOT to invade Tearling, like she did before.

I am HIGHLY interested in a character called, ‘The Fetch’ – not like Kelsey though (wink wink), he is a famous thief and wishes to remain that way. He is friends with Kelsey and watches over her due to telling her that she is the Queen he has been waiting for. He is a large mystery; the only formation the reader has is that he is supposed to be dead, and Kelsey is the only one who has seen his true face behind the mask (apparently he is super handsome).

There are a quite a few mysteries in this novel which I hope the author will clear up in the next two books, such as The Fetch – who is he really? Who is Kelsey’s father? Where did the magic blue stones come from? What do they do? What is their purpose?

Overall, by the end I really thought it was a good book, I already have the second on hand and will start reading it shortly. I give this book **** out of 5 and would recommend it 100 %.

Happy Reading! 🙂