Her thirst will suck you dry, to which only your eyes will remain for her to collect to take to the Leader of Hordes. The rain will pour to replenish what has gone, but death will remain after the battle cries. Her power is strong and growing; the training meant she was never supposed to feel fear, and yet she does…for another.

To sum up my opinion of this book I would say it was okay, not fantastic which is a real shame because it could have been amazing. I loved the idea of the plot, especially with Alaysha the main character being taken when she was young and then growing up being trained to follow orders of a cruel leader who she thought was her father, with another twist of her killing her people for years. She had an awesome power which she couldn’t fully control or had completely learnt the length of what she could do with it. I even loved that an element of romance had been attempted, although it hadn’t been done well, but it is a short book and only the first of a trilogy.

As I mentioned earlier this could have been amazing if the story had been planned more thoroughly; extending the story between Alaysha , Yenic, the leader and hidden tribes, rather than shoving in a cruel brother wanting revenge. The brother revenge story didn’t work well; there was no flow, in my opinion if I was the author I would have left the brother as a comment by the sister than taking up the rest of the book.

With the way this book was written it makes me hesitate to pick up book 2, I might do just to see what happens, but I’m wouldn’t be doing it based on eagerness.

I couldn’t connect with  Alaysha, I found her power awesome but not much else, no wait her horse her; I found the horse to be cool. She couldn’t decide who to trust, (she changed it frequently) and didn’t think it through, she is manipulated easily; truly behaving and thinking “young” as Yenic kept putting it. I just hope that in the next book she is more careful and trusts only herself until  she finds the truth, for the moment she is surrounded by lies.

I would give this book *** stars as it had the potential and bits and bobs were good. It is good for a quick read, maybe even to inspire other writers, or how to improve other work. If I was working with the author I would certainly would have expanded so much more.

Happy Reading! 🙂