“Power is a dangerous game”. – I was recommended this book by my best friend, so I simply couldn’t ignore the suggestion or the intriguing blurb. This book was given a review of being a clever blend of several books including, ‘The Hunger Games’ and ‘Divergent‘. I have read both of these series, and you know what? Compared to this book, they both SUCKED. The Red Queen was and is AMAZE-BALLS (pardons moi francais)

So if any readers think those two series are better than Red Queen get off that high horse and get reading…seriously your missing out!

The story was sooooo good I loved the simple conflict between poor and rich (which I know is similar to the hunger games shush) but it is actually separated by blood and abilities and power. You are introduced to the fierce but young character Mare. I became protective of her very quickly, so much on her shoulders, I knew her age was round about 17 or 18, but she seemed younger with the trauma and her family’s circumstances going on around her. When she discovered her ability I thought it was ultra cool! I always thought that if I had an ability that it would be to control water, but now I definitely want to wield the same as hers. Mare makes many mistakes from beginning to end, therefore growing up very quickly; having to adapt in order to survive.

I love the romance within the story! I was just as conflicted as Mare within the book! So props to the author! There was definite raw attraction between Mare and Prince Cal which made me think they should be together, simply because I’ve read so many romance books and raw attraction leads to love at some point. On the other hand, there was sweet romance between Mare and Maven and I thought it was develop into something pure, until the end that was.

I could sense that something bad was going to happen but I was just as surprised and heartbroken when it was Maven who was the villain alongside the Queen, who had been cruel from the beginning. Then when it came to the chapter of the arena, i must say it was my favourite. It was an awesome and epic ending before the retreat. It revealed the power that Mare had within her, and it also revealed to the city of who she truly was; a Red with silver ability.

A lot happened in this book, but it wasn’t overloading and there was never a single moment that was boring or dragged. There was quite a few characters in the story that you easily could keep track off, at least the ones that truly meant something. There is a little bit of everything in this book; action, fantasy, drama, romance, magic and violence.

I would give this book ***** stars and would HIGHLY RECOMMEND it! I have already read the second book ‘GLASS SWORD’ and will shortly be posting a review for that book! (BTW THAT ONE WAS FANTASTIC TOO!

Happy Reading! 🙂