I must say that waiting four months and 24 hours after the American release date was COMPLETELY WORTH IT!!!! OMG I ABSOLUTELY LOVED THIS BOOK!!! I LOVE NALINI SINGH!!!!! MY FAVOURITE AUTHOR IN THE ENTIRE WORLD DOES IT AGAIN!!!

I got up at 6am in the morning to read this book and it was completely worth the lack of sleep to read!!!

Ahem…*cough cough* pardon me I have a cold at the moment. As I was saying, THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING!!! I am a super fan of Nalini Singh I even had the honour of meeting her this year :3 so awesome (sparkles in my eyes). My only disappointment is that the book wasn’t longer!! I never wanted it to end! I will have to wait almost up to a year for the next Guild Hunter/ Archangel series book MAJOR SAD CRYING FACE. But, at least I can read her next Psy/ Changeling series book in about half a year YIPPEEE…I hope  (BTW ANOTHER GREAT SERIES TO READ GET ON IT PEOPLE!).

This book was great, fabulous, amazing, fantastic, wonderful and many more compliments because we re-visited the couple of the mortal hunter turned angel Elena and her lover archangel Raphael *sigh*. I love these two; their fierce, protective, fight the right from wrong and love infinitely. We get to learn a little more about Aodhan; the brilliantly golden and slightly fractured angel. I really hope Nalini figures out his story soon and finds him a mate to love. The playful blue feathered angel appears but he isn’t as central compared to his friend. A few other characters appear too but, the author doesn’t just throw in characters to keep readers happy, each character who appears in these books have a storyline and a point to make.

The story focuses on a meeting on the Cadre at a place of the Illumia. Where a place of peace is meant for gathering knowledge and wisdom, however not everything is what it seems. With many eyes watching Elena for reasons that are connected to a history she doesn’t know, she taps into her hunting skills with only these clues; an ancestor once lived in Morocco, the resemblance is uncanny, and the leader can’t stop staring. Alongside this the meeting of the Cadre begins in order to decide the fate of territories for there are eleven Archangels awake, when there should only be ten.

I thought the plot was really good I was completely sucked in, I obviously have been reading this since the beginning so I thought it was great to finally find out about Elena’s ancestors but what a plot! It was a side story to have than the constant big battles with Lijuan recently. Nonetheless, I do wonder what is going to happen next in regard to the whole Cascade business. As I mentioned before, I was a little sad at how short I felt this book was I did want it to be a tad longer; the ending did feel suddenly abruptly cut off, that’s cliff-hangers for you (Never liked those).

I give this ***** out 5 stars! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! SERIOUSLY READ THIS PEOPLE! I couldn’t write such a long blog as I wanted, simply because it was only published yesterday for Americans and today for the UK and everywhere else, so tried my best to not do spoilers, but I REALLY RECOMMEND. I read this in 8 hours today, started at 6am! Anyway I really hope you guys love this as much as I did! If you want to read this series from the beginning the first book is, ‘Archangel’s Blood’.

Happy Reading! 🙂