I was utterly surprised how much I enjoyed this book, even though it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows. This book was about sacrifice, loss, life, motherhood and freedom.

I have read this author before with her newly released book, ‘The Dog Who Dared to Dream’. I was wondering around Waterstones on a lunch break when I spotted this one book neatly hidden in the shelves. Recognising the name and the style of the written title, I immediately picked it up and investigated, then shortly after purchased.

Once again the author was able to magically transport me to the world of animals and show me how cruel, tough and small their world is compared to ours. I didn’t think I would have an emotional attachment to these characters the same way I did in the other book mentioned above…I was wrong, so so wrong. I wasn’t as emotional with all the blubbering, but I certainly did get watery a couple times.

My favourite character was the wild duck, he didn’t fit in, but he protected the Hen and the duckling until his very end. I was DEFINITELY sad there.

The Hen wasn’t my favourite character but I did like the change and maturity that changed her in order to stay alive herself and the duckling she took as her own. At the start she was a very weak and naïve Hen, but she became a strong, intelligent and determined Hen. She wasn’t afraid to fight for her duckling. Right on girl, right on.

I didn’t like the ending, it wasn’t the part where the weasel finally got the Hen, but the part where the duckling (son) never said a proper goodbye. After all the Hen had done for her son, and they were a mother and son, she died not seeing her son properly one last time, cold and alone. HOW CRUEL! 😥 That brought tears to my eyes standing in a middle of a train. NOT COOL.

I would give this book **** out of 5 because it was emotionally and psychologically draining. I immediately picked up a happy book after this. Recommended, only if you don’t go hurting weasels afterwards. Which on that note, I am very interested in reading this author’s book with weasels.

Happy Reading! 🙂