We all know the story of Snow White and the seven dwarves, but no-one knows the story and the demise of the Wicked Queen.

Let’s find out shall we?

I have never liked the story of Snow White, she is my least favourite princess. But I loved finding out about the wicked queen in this book. You learned about her background from her wedding day right up to her death just like in the film.

She was a peasant before she met the King, in fact she was the mirror makers daughter *wink wink*. She was beautiful, and fairest across the whole land, this is why the King married her. Through the story you see the Queen was a kind, strong and loving person, she treated Snow White as if she were her own child and loved her dearly. The King and Queen fell in love with each other and all was well, until the war came. The King kept leaving for months at a time, with only the Queen and Snow alone  they stayed in one another’s company. At one stage they got visited by the King’s cruel cousin’s where the Queen ended up protecting Snow and banishing them. The magic mirror was introduced, but she learned it was her father’s. Terrified she hid it and ignored it for months.

Inevitably, the Queen’s fate with the mirror begins and intertwines and sadly the Queen becomes a cruel, dark and nasty being after a tragedy that changes the person of who she was; fulfilling and connecting the story to the Wicked Queen we all know so well.

This book was truly a great read – it connected well with the film but had interloped a believable prequel into the beginning up to the present within the film by the perspective of the old crone. I loved the ending because in the film where the crone a.k.a. the Queen is running away from the dwarves and dies at the cliff – it is due to a choice; a self revelation of her sins and misdeeds to her “little bird” and chooses to go.

So, even though I still dislike Snow White, I did like this version of the Wicked Queen and how she came to be. She wasn’t always evil; grief and loss consumed her, can you imagine what would have happened in this story if such tragedy hadn’t occurred to the Queen and Snow White?

I give this ***** and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND for any Disney fans out there, actually for any non-Disney fans too because I KNOW you will be curious about this story that you all know so well.

Happy Reading! 🙂