I absolutely adored this book! I have read the entire Chicago series on my kindle, so when I heard that another was being released, you know what I did? Except from jumping up and down like a little girl. I marked it down on my calendar with a big fat red sharpie, and immediately pre-ordered it.

There was no disappointment whatsoever.

The characters were different from previous books within the series, they were funny, memorable, exciting and they lived happily ever after. Just the way you want the characters to be.

The story-line was great! Piper Dover (main character) is a detective with her own start up agency secretly following around retired American football star Cooper Graham. It’s her first job, she’s ready, she’s determined, she’s prepared, her life has set her course up to this point, when suddenly – she’s spotted. Oh no. Crapping up and not knowing what is going to happen next, but never thinking she would end up working for Graham himself! So it begins a hilarious turning, twisting, sexy story and deep investigation where Piper and Grahams competitive and man-eating natures end up messing work lives with personal lives. Who’s the top dog now?

All my favourite characters from previous books were mentioned at some point especially Heath and Annabelle from, ‘Match Me If You Can’. I love how badass Piper is, she is completely different from other women in previous books. She is emotionally damaged, but knows how to handle herself, and can take a guy on with no fear. She kind of reminds me of that honey badger book I mentioned recently, definitely a little bit, ‘don’t care’ attitude unless you mess with people I love. But, she feels deeply even for someone who is emotionally damaged.

The ending was beautiful, it showed their lives together after their quick marriage and they were happy and perfect and the dream.

I would recommend this book, and re-read it. I would give **** stars out of 5. I give this book 4 stars because I feel like the investigation was a ‘plume’ as the end. It was a fantastic, dramatic confrontation but I feel the reason why wasn’t a good enough connection. I wish it had been more connected to Cooper, and a past problem to him rather than the neighbour. I liked the neighbour being just the neighbour if you understand what I mean. Anyway that’s what I think, you might like the way the plot twist is because it certainly was impossible to figure out who the culprit was the more suspects they crossed out from the list of possibilities.

Happy Reading! 🙂