Blood, tears, claws, screams, thievery, mania and honey badgers. You know this book is going to be absolute pure mayhem, and completely batshit crazy. It truly was, I’ve never loved a book so much in my ENTIRE life. I’ve read this book THREE TIMES!!! COVER-TO-COVER and I will DEFINITELY read it again.

This author is pure genius. I have read the entire ‘Pride’ series, and so far BITE ME is my absolute favourite. I found out recently that there will be three more honey badger books and I cannot bloody wait!! *pardon my French*. Anyway, onto the reviewing.

The main character, ‘Livy’ is a honey badger shape shifter. Within this universe, honey badgers are the felons of the world, they don’t give a flying fudgins  about anyone, all they care about is money; how to get it (stolen or life insurance) and how to start shit. They LOVE starting fights; they live for it, completely amuses them. This book made me fall in love with the animal itself. Honey badgers in real world  don’t get effected by snake poisons, so what did the author do?? Infuse them within their alcohol!!! BLACK MAMBA?! Their Crazy>!

Livy is the “sanest” honey badger out of her family, (I put this in quotation marks for a reason). She is hilarious, NO this whole book is hilarious – I love love love how no shifters whatsoever understood the witty humour that humans (that’s us peoples) and honey badgers use! (apparently us humans are sooo funny to the badgers that they use the same jokes on other shifters – there is literally crickets within the crowd). But no one cares! IT’S SO FUNNY! You can tell how much already I am mad over this book :3 twinkles in my eyes

Gosh when the claws come out things get bloody, but that isn’t even when their angry just like, ‘she’s annoying me, so I decided to shave her scalp off’. I have to admit I have sometimes imagined myself having fangs and claws – kinda want some at times when I’m angry. Then being able to heal within a day, COOL! Side-tracked – Vic – the other main character who is a bear/ tiger hybrid. He is handsome, funny, cute and cool! + so serious! it’s so funny! (I know I have said those three words A LOT but I cannot help it, it is so true). I LOVE the relationship between Livy and Vic – so perfect, the insane/ sane-ish honey badger fits with the mellow/ sexy logical-ish bear/ tiger hybrid – trust me.

The story is sooo good – Livy’s family get revenge on a human who hunts and stuffs Livy’s father (they weren’t close, but it was still wrong) – in-between the snakes, jousting and lots of honey, romance blooms in an extremely non- traditional way/ obvious way between Livy and Vic with some yummy steamy scenes. There is also a comedic wedding with other characters from other books in the Pride Series that you would recognise if you have read the Pride Series books before. That is a CAUTION and a negative here, this book can almost be a standalone if you try not to understand all the connections between the other characters with their relationships and packs, simply because the names are so similar and inter-winning it literally mind -boggles you if haven’t read the series from the beginning. If you do that you can easily carry on with the story surrounding Livy and Vic and completely enjoy yourself thoroughly.

Overall, this is a FANTASTIC book, YOU MUST READ. If you are interested in reading this series from the beginning because the author is so brilliant in every book, the first one is called, ‘The Mare Event’. I give ***** out of 5. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Happy Reading! 🙂