The mention of heart-stopping, heart-skipping, and heart-racing guarantee from this fantasy/ supernatural romance novel set in Regency London but, with a DEMONIC difference, definitely made me want to dive in for an exhilarating read.

Unfortunately it did not…

This book was very much a disappointment which saddened me greatly. I ended up picking it up and down A LOT. I struggled to get through it essentially because it bored me with how slow it was for basically all of it. I only liked the action bits, which wasn’t often, in fact if I can recall at all it happened about three times. The rest of the time it was just info info info – whether it was describing the surroundings or lots of chatter. But, not interesting chatter.

If at any point it got interesting I would say it was over half way through, round about 10 chapters away from the end. MAYBE. The characters weren’t all that amazing, nothing especially about them that made me love them, not even the main characters.

There was supposed to be a promise of romance in this, yet again it was barely touched upon. Over half way through the book it finally popped up, but it was very weak. In fact the two main characters who were supposed to have this, ‘heart-racing’ and ‘heart-skipping’ romance had none of that, no sorry I lie, something happened twice, for one second EACH. There was a side character called Duke Selburn who had great interest in Lady Helen (the main character) who actually I would have preferred (although for the second book could actually end up being the villain – just a small inkling I have due to his insistence of marriage no matter of what she does and just claims its her spirit he loves).

The plot was okay, to be honest as the tag line suggests on the book it basically is, ‘Cassandra Clare meets Jane Austen’ – but in an ok written way, with slightly different terminology used. I have read Cassandra Clare books, I admit I love them and hate them but will explain that in another review a different time. However, my point is that this book pales in comparison to Clare’s books and would consider this book a waste of time. I won’t be reading the second one.

I would rate this ** stars out of 5. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone, but if you like Cassandra Clare and the era of Regency London with the style of Jane Austen then maybe you could like it – there just isn’t much action that goes on. Happy Reading! 🙂