This is a story about wolves, friendship, war and fighting for what is right. It is a teen/ children’s book, but I still loved it. First, it had wolves in it, I LOVE WOLVES. Second, the character Feodora was amazing. She was rough, tough, wild, strong and scared to death, wanting her mother back. Trekking through the cold blind with her friend and wolves; Black, White and Grey, they face many challenges in order to save her mother before certain trial and death.

The illustrations within the book are beautiful, every new chapter had a new picture of a scene within it. The story has both happy, sad and angry moments. I am an animal lover; especially with wolves, so with this foreboding sentence  you can tell there is a tragedy that occurs. I was quite tearful, I can imagine any child or teen that reads it will be also, you become attached to each and every wolf within this book because they each have a personality that makes them just as alive as a human being. Wolves are NOT evil or scary animals, those movies and forms of media where they make them the villain or bad guy are 100% wrong and it always infuriates me. This book accurately depicts these incredible animals just as they are. Wolves are social animals which is why they live in packs, and are very protective of their family. They have only been a danger to humans in times when they have gotten to close to a den; where newly born pups are raised and vulnerable to predators. Or in rare times when food has been scarce and sadly have resorted to killing livestock. Which in a farmer’s defence and rights has led to killing of wolves. LOOK AT MY RANTING IM SO SORRY!!

Back to the review…Anyway! The villain in this book was truly villainous I absolutely HATED HIS GUTS!! I wanted to kill him myself after what he did, in my head I became quite barbaric. The author did a great job of inciting this rage within me because I had no complaints at his demise when he was ripped to shreds ALIVE by the wolves.

I liked that within the book, a little bit of history was intertwined within the story. This is a great way for children to be educated and entertained at the same time, even though the history bit isn’t accurate with the events and characters, similar events have happened.

Ever the romantic I kinda hopped there would have been an epilogue about Feodora and Ilya all grown up, but alas there wasn’t since it is a children’s book!

For this book I would give it **** stars out of 5 because it was a good story for children/ teens with its happy ending YAY! Beautiful illustrations, wolves, brave characters (also children) and the adventures with wisdom intertwined. Happy Reading! 🙂

Due to the tragedy of Grey and Tenderfoot’s death, I thought I would give a tribute (I know they are fictional) to them and all wolves, with this gorgeous picture below of three Alaskan wolves I met at a Conservation place I went to for a Wolf Keeper experience day.