This is a beautiful but incredibly sad and heart-breaking book, it reveals the unfortunate and cruel side of life. For anyone like me who has lost beloved pets over the years, be prepared to cry your heart out.

The story follows the lives of a man and his puppy called, ‘Scraggly’, the odd one out of the litter, the outsider and the dreamer. This book reveals to the reader the realities of a dog’s life as a breeding dog. The author does an incredible job of describing the surroundings of what the character could see, hear and feel without over doing it. The storyline does not have any hope, laughter or much happiness in it which was hard for me to bare as a dog lover however, I continued to read on due to wanting to know how it ended for Scraggly. In my eyes I saw Scraggly as a survivor, therefore I needed that confirmation and the only way I could get that was by reading on. You do become deeply attached to Scraggly as you go through the journey of growing up surrounded by siblings and a bully in the midst. There is a tragedy continuously for Scraggly from a young age to even adulthood and I did wish I could have rescued her from the grief and loss.

I felt intense anger and frustration with the character of the owner as much as Scraggly did, he couldn’t understand or notice the villain or what had happened. The things he did! I was so angry I wanted to bite him too, therefore I felt no attachment towards this character. The author did a great job of making me feel the same feelings as Scraggly within most situations throughout the book. It was so well done, that when other aging animal characters started disappearing I felt sad for them too, even though they had been mean to Scraggly (I felt fiercely protective of Scraggly from pretty much the first chapter).

I blubbered a lot with this book, I would disbelieve anyone who said they didn’t have a watery eye. The ending was sad but beautiful, it came to a peaceful end for Scraggly and her owner to which she finally got the peaceful rest she deserved.

I would give this ***** out of 5 because it was a beautiful book, even if it made me cry like a baby. HIGHLY RECOMMEND – I will be reading another book soon. Happy Reading! 🙂