Two words; BLOODY BRILLIANT!!! I laughed my head off from the first chapter to the actual last sentence!! Don’t believe me? Genuinely read it yourself! I totally un-expectantly loved this book! I got this from a charity book for 50p and I am so glad I did! It was hilarious, romantic, torturous, mad, bitchy and darn right fantastic! I have never heard of this author before, but from the moment I bought it I couldn’t put it down! I have already bought another and I cannot wait to get started!

‘Get ready to sabotage the biggest wedding of weddings readers you will be cheering from the side-lines too’

The main character Melanie and her best friend Fran are absolutely two different people; Melanie hates her job and has a weird flatmate that buys lots of chocolate all the time but had never seen her eat it and keeps getting into a relationship with an absolute jerk. Fran is confident; tortures men through sex (its pretty funny) and does do a dastardly thing to Melanie at the end but does do quite an exit. These two women have a past with THE BITCH of all ice bitches, equally as bad as Regina George and is intending to marry a hunk and not just any hunk, but Melanie’s ex-crush hunk from university and he is super sweet! He also has a brother 😉

There is no sexy scenes in this but there is ‘mentionables’ *wink* *wink*. The mayhem in this book will have you giggling for hours after, for you will not just be reading about the mismatch of the century you will become a part of it. There are sweet romantic moments between Angus (the younger brother of Fraser; the groom) and Melanie where you believe they will get together but unexpectedly they don’t. That is the only bit where I do get disappointed and sad about, as once they meet they are together frequently throughout the book however, the author ends up putting Fraser and Melanie together instead. It did seem a little odd; they were cute together when they had their scenes but they weren’t often and didn’t make me want to put them together, so I do wish that if this was the author’s intention that she had done more moments between them so that I would have ended up cheering for Fraser more than Angus.

I would rate this **** stars out of 5 purely because it was so funny with all the antics and mayhem, the romance was throughout just not strong, so I would recommend this book purely for a good laugh than for any butterfly, big sigh, gushy romantic lovers out there. Happy Reading!