Okay so this book is something I usually never read because I am a romantic with an obsession of fantasy and supernatural realities. However, I decided to give it a go based on it’s growing popularity and reviews, and then I thought the blurb sounded okay.

I honestly did not understand the thrall people have had towards this book, I found it repetitive and a bit boring. The main character was an alcoholic and had major issues (which I don’t blame her for) but I found her very annoying with her refusal to make herself better and move on. Of course I’m not sure if a true alcoholic would act in the same way as Rachel did (the main character) therefore who knows if the state of mind is accurate or not.

I found the chapters of Anna and Megan more interesting probably because they were short and less frequent, which was much more mysterious. Rachel was pretty much a stalker and couldn’t get over how bad her life had got (which was pretty bad) and didn’t sound like the person described on the back of the blurb; “you don’t know her, but she knows you”. This quote made me believe Rachel would have a dark side and the book would turn drastically but she doesn’t and it didn’t, in fact the more I read about Anna the quote made me lean towards her because she simply was just a bitch; it didn’t make the book dramatic in any way.

Only towards the end in the last 5-6 chapters did I actually find myself unable to put the book down, this is when the main character finally remembered something important  (heaven forbid), and that is when more action and scenes started picking up in the story in a much faster pace rather than the drone it had been. I was disappointed by this book, the plot did have a good story to it, but it just didn’t grip me enough. It did feel like a dwaddle for most of the book with Rachel’s chapters, which is a shame.

This book just wasn’t the cup of tea for me, but maybe it is for all those thriller lovers out there! I would rate this *** stars out of 5. Happy Reading!