I have read many books by Cynthia Eden and I must say that once again she does it! She completes a hilarious, dark, sexy, action-packed, romantic, supernatural book! I always love reading her books, I am always laughing at the sarcasm, the wit and I do love the delicious characters and the all the sexiness that comes between them, and of course the romance! In this particular book as you can guess by the title the devil is involved yum yum.

“Don’t make the Devil angry”…take the advice (whispers)

This means lots of bad- ass and butt kicking is involved and awesome supernatural power and plenty of sexy men (a wolf and jaguar is involved; men who transform into them). Luke Thorne is the ruler of every dark creature that walks the earth, and he certainly does not have a good side, however he does understand justice and that is where he draws the line full stop. Walks on the scene Mina James a temptation that gains the attentions of Mr Thorne; a real siren or so it seems. She is on a mission to get something from him because she is running not from him but someone else. There is strong sexual tension between them that grows and becomes electric, it makes you wonder that if in every romantic book out there is somebody for someone why not the devil himself?

Mina was a creature of mystery for most of the book that I couldn’t figure out, I had a very hopeful idea but I kept thinking, ‘naa’ because all the characters kept saying she is a dark character and has powers of a siren. However, to my absolute delight you find out she is a light creature; a mermaid (Huge mermaid fan), unfortunately in this book mermaids must return to the sea and once they do they forget everything on land, including Luke Thorne. Luke mourns Mina because he had grown to love her however, he continues to protect her because she is still being chased by a villain who is obsessed and will not rest until he has her. Everything does works out in the end though! Yippee!

I did like the characters of Luke Thorne which was how the devil should be; bad- ass, angry, loud, sexy and certainly knows what he wants. Mina I’m not so sure about, I liked her when she was confident which wasn’t for very long, I always assumed the devil would be attracted to a confident woman not a sweet one, I guess it would have to depend on the devil. I was very interested in the characters of the wolf and the jaguar as they have rough back stories and could not be with other animals of the same kind. The plotline of the brothers was an interesting new perspective between the devil and archangel; I wonder what Eden will do with that, I do hope they don’t fight. I was surprised at myself that I didn’t think of humans being the enemy in this book because there is no one more powerful that the devil and archangel itself…unless gods?

On a different note, there is a small criticism that I will mention to any new readers of Cynthia Eden after reading a lot of her books; the storylines are a bit repetitive, but that will only bother people who don’t love reading a good book with a typical hero + heroine beating a bad guy story over and over. Me? I love it so  I won’t complain, I’m a sucker for heroes or anti-heroes whatever you want to call them. Good or evil, shape for size they come a hero is a hero to me.

On a 5* rating I would give this book **** and would definitely recommend it for a bit of fun from one of many Cynthia Eden’s books. Happy Reading! 🙂