If I were asked to describe this book in a few words I would say that it is “a true fairy tale story”. The reason for this is because Lady Helen would definitely in some parts be a damsel in distress/ princess and Rhys Winterborne would definitely be a hero (although is rough around the edges in a majorly sexy way), also this story is a major true love story, these two characters fit together more so than Devon and Kathleen or Belle and the Beast. Additionally, the hero rescues the princess and they live happily ever after and strike the villain down, which is the best part. For years I have been on the hunt for a romance novel that truly came across to me as a earth shattering romance that showed two individuals who truly should be together, and that no other fictional character would fit for them. In this novel Lady Helen Ravenel and Rhys Winterborne are that fairy tale, true love, soul mate whatever else you want to call it, this couple are meant to be. I completely fell in love with both characters in the first book ‘Cold-Hearted Rake’ and continued to in their own novel here. Their novel was magical, realistic and totally unexpected.

From the blurb on the back you would think that the “Ruthless tycoon” Rhys would be the one seducing Lady Helen into marriage, with the typical character ‘stomping’ around declaring the woman his like a cave man, but that is not the way it happens whatsoever. In fact, there is hardly ever any seducing at all (in my opinion), don’t get me wrong he wants Lady Helen but knows she is way above him and thinks that he doesn’t deserve her and is frightened of losing her. They are in one another’s company plenty after a little pre-emptive scandal and actually it’s a gentle pacing love story; you don’t just fall in love with Lady Helen (which is pretty much instant) but Rhys also, he is a gentle, fiercely, protective giant who loves Helen dearly.  The plot line is excellent, in that it involves Helen’s back story with a twist; she is very loved by her current family but her parents harboured different feelings towards her when they were around in the past.  It does get exceptionally exciting with a pop up of a half-sister, I did feel Helen’s fear of Rhys possibly rejecting her due to a relation towards a particularly bad and villainous man. However, as I should have known and discovered earlier in the book is that Rhys loves Helen and will protect her no matter her blood. Happy Happy Endings 🙂 🙂

On a 5* rating I would definitely rate this ***** stars and would HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!! Especially for any hopeless romantics and fairy tale lovers because this story definitely depicts two individuals who are the soul mates to each other. And!! There is still lovely snippets of comedy involved from the mad cousins in there which I just love love love; at the end of the book there is an excerpt of the next book being about Pandora (the maddest cousin) CANNOT WAIT!!! Happy Reading 🙂