I read this book in march, I remember it well because it had handsome heroism, feisty romance, hilarious antics (which had tears of laughter rolling down my face), a flush across my cheeks from the hot seduction and the tick off the list happy ever after.

I love Devon; the anti-hero main character who becomes the hero as you go through the story. He ‘becomes’ the hero not because he wanted to be one, but only due to the fact no one else would (I place the word ‘becomes’ this way because Devon doesn’t think himself a hero but he does end up that way with what he does do for the cousins and everything else). He ‘becomes’ the hero to save the lives of the mad, hilarious and lovable cousins, who bring most of the comedy to the story because of their sheltered lives (don’t even try to imagine the antics and behaviours, it’s just too funny). Devon is cold, cruel, and arrogant with the simply wish of wanting to return to London on top of that he is a Ravenel. So when he comes head to head with the stern beauty and widow Kathleen, attraction ignites and the story becomes exciting and interesting from the word go!

The story was good in that it was not just about Devon seducing Kathleen throughout the book and them falling in love, but it was about the family as well and it involved the villagers, there is a lot more to the story than the love, even though it was the main plot. I have read a lot of Lisa Kleypas before; she is one of my favourite romance authors, therefore I knew a happy ending was due however, she certainly added plenty of twists and turns with lots of bad news happening left right and centre! So I certainly was starting to doubt myself for the very first time!

On a 5 star rating I would give this **** stars – I did love this book, but there is always something that doesn’t fit quite right 😉 I do recommend for romance readers who like the anti -hero, strong female lead, sexiness, hilarious antics and happy ending.