Hello READERS!!! Welcome to my VERY. FIRST. POST! Exciting! If you can’t tell already I’m very happy and excited :3 I decided to start blogging simply because I’ve always wanted to have my very own blog about books, I love books, completely mad about them. In fact I walk around wearing a t-shirt that says, “Bibliophile” and I feel a need to express and publish my book love to others.

Anyway, I want to write a blog on book reviews that I read every week. I mostly read romance and fantasy books, so I understand that these two genres are not everyone’s cup of tea however, I have started reading other fictional genres so please don’t fret I will read broadly to ensure that 1) I do not keep repeatedly reading the same stuff because that is not expanding myself or the pleasure of you lovely readers and 2) I do not wish to bore you with the same stuff over and over. However, I will admit since I have a weakness for romance and fantasy it does mean that most of my reviews will be on these type of books, but I am highly critical of the books I choose to read and after I have read them. Therefore, my reviews will be very honest in my opinion of them and if I recommend them, then I mean  I REALLY RECOMMEND YOU READ THEM.

I usually posted my book reviews on Goodreads, so I am going to post a few books that I have read recently onto here as a taste to what I read and see if you like what I write. I really hope you enjoy my posts for I want nothing more than for you to enjoy seeking out and reading these books and more too.

Happy Reading 🙂