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Flawed by Cecelia Ahern (Flawed series #1)


I was completely blown away by this novel, I was taken by surprise by how much it would affect me and how desperately I wanted something or someone to help our heroine Celestine. 

This story is about a political system implaced where people who are not considered perfect but “flawed”, they are branded by a cast-iron like in medieval times for life, and it must be seen at all times with strict rules and digusted stares or ignored cold shoulders. It’s unbearable, it’s like humanity has forgotten compassion. The criminals are treated better than the flawed and considered to be different and even have more free rein than them. This book is centered around Celestine, who is a perfect girl; always followed the rules and never questioned anything until a occurrence happens close to home which shakes up everything for her. This actually happens very close to the beginning of the book, and everything goes wrong quite quickly, it’s not dragged out which is a plus plus for me. She stands up for a flawed and doesn’t understand what is wrong with it and ends up one herself, but with the most dire consequences that has ever been (like in most typical storylines). The moment she is branded my god, I struggled so hard to not cry on the train surrounded by people. It was very VERY difficult, I definitely got a couple of looks for sniffling. It was so emotional and painful I haven’t had that kind of reaction from a book in a long time. Just from that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND the book. Afterwards, with the days following again it isn’t dragged which is a good perception of how the author perceives the character would imagine her days to be thinking. 

A lot of things happen some heart wrenching and you really do fist pump Celestine for her bravery, and then want to punch the morons for their pompousness and for being a bully. I’m so happy at the end that she has a lead for finding the guy though because my god he is yummy. That’s a good plot of how she wants to find him and only gets a lead at the end, because it doesn’t make it the centre of the book. I love the other characters; her before shallow mum who now turns rebel to support her daughter, mysterious soldier Carrillo, the guards at Castle, the villain Crevan and even the squabbling ex-boyfriend Art – disappointment in the twin sister but we shall see what happens there. The whistleblowers wow scary, worse than the police wouldn’t want them wandering around. 

I am giving this book ***** stars and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND, once paid definitely buying the sequel, “Perfect”. Go Read it!!

Happy Reading! πŸ™ƒ


Stealing Snow by Danielle Paige

I love ❀️Danielle Paige because I completely adore her Dorothy Must Die series, therefore I thought I’m going to love Stealing Snow which made me have high expectations. How wrong I was 😒

It was an amazing story and concept especially with the nicked character name of Snow White, but actually being nothing like the fairy tale princess. In fact the character is full of rage, starved of emotion and completely loves this mentally deranged ish boy called Bale, she even ends up with Snow powers. The other cool part was that she started off in a mental institution, how did she get in there right?! I even liked that her numerous pills were named after the seven dwarfs. Furthermore, I liked numerous other characters too like the River Witch who is half-mermaid, the Robbers and Gerthe but other characters, they annoyed me and I will explain why in a minute. Lastly, I liked the twist at the end which was a little unexpected but when I read it, I did actually feel totally and completely unsurprised and that character who shall not be named bloody deserved to be iced hopefully to death but we will have to see. 

Now the annoying part of the book, it was constantly gone over that Snow was becoming attracted to every boy she came across and wanting to kiss them!! I mean hello Bale! You remember the boy you crossed worlds for!!! Urgh!! It was one minute Bale then Kai then Bale then Kai then Jagger then Kai and Bale, Bale, Kai , Jagger and back and forth the whole time! It sickened me, it should not have come up so bloody much. It completely ruined the plot for me. I’m so glad at the end she comes to her senses and runs to Bale only for him to disappear, then she leaves Jagger, but then she kind of deserves it for all her wanting. In the next book she better go find that Bale because he is so worth it woman! Urgh! You can tell how much this vexed me.  

Therefore, this brought the whole book down for me because it felt like half of it was dedicated towards boys! What a disappointment, when I first finished I said I don’t think i would want to read the second one, but I think I will just to find out whether it improves or not. 

I give this book ** stars out of 5. If you are into boys and romance right now I recommend, otherwise this is not a YA book. 

Happy Reading! 😊

The Invasion of Tearling by Erika Johansen (The Queen of Tearling Series #2)

The story continues on of a young Queen with a terrible and most impossible task to protect her kingdom from the slaughter of the Morte army and the ageless Morte Queen. 

What I thought about this book was some good, but mostly bad. What was good about this book is that the pace picked up far faster than the first one; there was more tension, more at stake and more action going on. You also got character development and not from Kelsea (main character) I had enough of her “development” from the first and she was not really around in this one and when she was….well I will get around to that. I really loved getting to know more about the other characters within the Keep, they were certainly more interesting like Father Tyler and Lazarus. 

Okay, so what was bad about the book. The random sci-fi time travel crap that spewed out of bloody no where! I was completely confused when it happened! I generally thought there was a misprint and something was wrong with my book! I flicked further into the book and noticed the name “Lily” pop up numerous times, but I was wrong it’s supposed to be there! Apparently those sapphires around Kelsea’s neck make her time-travel. My god. (Head smack) I thought this book would genuinely be a good medieval styled trilogy with some magic thrown in but no! It was so random! Only once I bloody understood what was going on was I able to follow, but it wasn’t until right at the bloody end that it was explained with the purpose of those separate chapters! I can’t explain them, it’s a spoiler alert. I know I usually spoil a lot of books but I won’t this time. Another bad thing about this book I must moan about, is that Kelsea became OBSESSED about her looks when she wasn’t that much bothered in the first one. Her personality did a complete 180. It was so annoying, it was what she talked about 70% of the time, just because she got horny. Then, Then! The ending was complete poop. ☹️ she gave up and walked into enemy camp basically as others would interpret as “sacrifice”. Not epic and doesn’t save anybody much, I mean it does but with all her supposed power and wit and we must kingdom she is a crappy Queen. Urgh 

Now I did a bad thing and looked up spoiler reviews for the third and final review of “The Fate of Tearling” and to be honest, I won’t read it because it sounds like utter bollocks, especially with the ending and it completely deters from what it originally started out as. Real disappointment form Erika Johansen. 

I give this book ** stars out of 5 which is a shame because I liked it more than the first for some reasons but the time travel really mucked it for me. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Happy Reading! 😊

The Chemist by Stephenie Meyer

Best-seller of The Host and the Twilight Series returns with The Chemist, a dangerous woman who can make up painful concoctions from ordinary household chemicals and accessorise you to the deadliest degree.

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King’s Cage by Victoria Aveyard (Red Queen #3)

The lightening girl is back! Woo! Loved this book sooo much, it was fantastic:D Great story

The book continues from the last book with Mare being a prisoner to Maven. The whole time I wanted her to escape or be rescued, I literally wanted to claw her out. There were certain moments I literally felt the same emotions as her, especially with Maven. I clenched my fist too and felt rage, but considering the situation she was in it was the best thing she could do in manipulating him – there was no one coming to rescue her. 

On the other hand, Cal kept trying to find ways to rescue Mare but that ended in tradegy one time or missed chances. Mare gets out with him about three quarters of the way through. Maven’s fiancΓ© let’s her go, surprising right?! You get to find out why, which was one hell of a surprise to me!! You get to see awesome lightening abilities! 

There is a lot of non-stop moments in this book, and I’m so glad that Mare doesn’t get as much hostility as she did in the last one.  However, Mare is different in her behaviour towards others due to her imprisonment and Shade’s death. There is excellent writing in this; you find out a bit about Maven and how he is. I actually felt some sympathy for him and some hope, even if he is a villain. I was also confused by his actions, he appeared to be trying to end the war even if it meant deceit and the demise of the Scarlet Guard, all for Mare – I just wander what will happen to him in the end. The ending isn’t my favourite as things go wrong between Cal and Mare again 😦 just when things were getting good. I can’t wait for the next book! Who knows when that will be! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND YOU READ THIS SERIES I give this book ***** stars. 

Happy Reading! πŸ™‚

The Wicked Will Rise by Danielle Paige (Dorothy Must Die #2)

More monkeys, more magic, more rainbows, darkness and Dorothy. The mission to kill Dorothy continues. 

The second book was even better than the first one! “Dorothy Must Die” it continued right off where it ended in book one and it revealed more of Oz and how it had become darker, dangerous and more twisted. Amy has developed in power and maturity, not in a good way; a tradegy overcomes her and makes her into something that frightens the monkeys and Nox, but of course herself too. She could be becoming someone else. 

The journey Amy undertakes is wild and mad, especially as she has to drag the dazed  Oz princess along and go through Oz’s trickery challenges. Once beaten Amy goes through battles which aren’t too many. This is good, certain readers like me hate continuous battles so don’t worry about that it doesn’t happen here. 

The scenery and descriptions are written extremely well, I actually prefer this Oz story to the original. At times the dialogue can be a bit tacky but otherwise it is perfect with sarcasm and wit. Amy does talk a bit about herself too much at times (if I recall – I read this a while ago) but you barely notice because there is so much going on. 

I loved this book especially with its epic ending, “The Wicked Will Rise” BEST ENDING EVER. Though I was confused for a minute about where Amy ended up. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you read this with a ***** stars. 

Happy Reading! πŸ™‚

The Unyielding by Shelly Laurenston (The Call of Crows #3)

Vikings, Crows, Ravens, Gods, Dragons and the battle for the end of the world. Pure epicness.

The third book in the epic series of The Call of Crows, full of crazy women who are loyal to the goddess Skuld for giving them a Second Life because they were murdered in their first for unfair reasons. In this book it featured the flame bearer and “she started it” Erin and the angry Viking Stieg. I loved their journey together it was hilarious and never boring. There was no ga ga romance but you could definitely see the chemistry, which did reveal to be love in the end.

All characters from previous books were there and still very memorable, especially Bear from the Protectors and how he is incredibly protective over the books. I couldn’t stop laughing. There is plenty of sarcasm and whit, madness with some saucy graphic scenes. You also get to learn a little history about the Crows and the Nine Worlds which is cool! I already can’t wait for the next book I wonder what will happen, and if Erin made a friend with a dragon, I’m not entirely sure but the ending was still epic! ( I know I have said three times now) and very funny.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK and give this book ***** out of 5.

Happy Reading! 😍😁

At this moment I am at the London Book Fair! Currently sitting in a Sci -Fi and Fantasy seminar, cool! Anyone else here or listening in with Twitter?

Btw, found this beauty whilst wandering around!

Rule by Jay Crownover (Marked Men #1)

I was drawn to this book the same reason why the author wrote it; I like romance and guys with tattoos. 

Before we get started I must warn readers this is a graphic sexy book, so if you are not interested in this kind of romance you may want to ignore this one. 

I thought this book was okay at best, there wasn’t much romance, it was mostly a guy acting up and down. He kept changing his mind on how he should behave and then compare to his dead brother. It was so back and forth that it kinda drove me nuts. 

I thought Shaw (main girl character) was okay, couldn’t say I had “whoop whoop” going for her, she was a very chilled but vulnerable character; completely head over heels in love for Rule. She knew what he needed and understood him better than most, but she was also a little bit weak. 

Some of the story included a crazy psycho ex-boyfriend, which I thought was the best part. I really hoped Rule would appear like a hero and save the day, but he didn’t. It was a good chapter – which is sad, because that shouldn’t have been the only good chapter. 

For most of the book Rule’s mother is cruel and horrible to him, I mean literally WORST MOTHER IN THE WORLD. She blames Rule for his brothers death kind of cruel. Then suddenly at the end of the book she has this clarity, but ONLY when her husband threatens to leave. This whole book has random dramas; Rule’s mother, Shaw’s parents, ex- psycho boyfriend and Rule himself is a drama, so it is a little all over the place. 

There is a whole series called “Marked Men” by this author but I don’t think I will read them all. I might read a random one if I am interested in a particular character that I met in this story, but I wouldn’t go as far as to read all of them. 

I would give this book ** stars out of 5 because it lacked romance and real story, otherwise it is all over the place and comes across as just an explicit sex story, which I was hoping it not to be when I bought this book. 

Anyway, Happy Reading! πŸ™‚

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